[VIDEO] Fyutch- The Other Future

Nashville emcee, Fyutch keeps up the momentum as he releases a video of his recent track “The Other Future.” In case you haven’t saw the Nardwuar interview with Atlanta artist Future, Nardwuar mentioned Fyutch and stated how he changed his name due to label issues when the Atl artist debuted.

The video features Fyutch at Nashville venue Rocketwn, where he runs a music studio for the youth called Rhyme Lab. Some of the youth artists are featured in the video include hip-hop group Life In The Front Seat and high school freshmen Justus Peace

2L’s Says Y.E.S. to Ugo Amadi (Youth Excellence Spotlight)

We are excited to tap back into our youth as we recognize a new 2L’s Youth Excellence Spotlight (Y.E.S.). This month we introduce you to Ugo Amadi. Amadi is an Overton High School standout that progresses in sports and scholastic achievement. Amadi, who is known as “Showtime” on the field, is recognized as the 33rd best cornerback prospect, the 14th best overall prospect in Tennessee, and the 425th best overall prospect of the class of 2015. The 16 year old Tennessee native also sets great examples in the classroom as he currently holds a 3.5 GPA in his studies.

While enjoying having fun with friends and family (like any young teenager), Ugo Amadi takes advantage of his spare time by perfecting his craft of football. Amadi has been playing football since the age of 6 years old and has a sense of ‘tunnel vision’ when it comes to being serious about the sport. Amadi states that Meek Mill is a big musical influence for him because he speaks of the struggle and how it’s not easy to be successful. “It takes hardwork and patience” states Amadi.

While speaking with the 3-star Cornerback, Amadi stated that his family and football coach hold a major influence in his dedication to scholastic achievement and football. When asked what keeps him striving in the classroom, Amadi replies “My future, I want to make sure I get the education now, instead of going back to get it later.”

The young star visited various college campuses and been offered a scholarship from schools including Tennessee, Mississippi State, and Duke. We will be delivering a one on one video interview with Ugo Amadi later in the month. We recognize Amadi for his hardwork, focus, scholastic achievements, and dedication to the game.

Im Living Life In Spite Of Failure- Ugo Amadi

2L’s Says Y.E.S. to Alex Ward | Youth Excellence Spotlight


For the month of July, we revisit our September entry of our 2L’s Y.E.S.  Alex Ward  stoos as an individual who had the mentality of success written in everything he put his mind to. 18 years old and recently graduating highschool from Wilson Central High School, Wards future goals of making his clothing line (Sharper Visions) a big name throughout the world has impacted many. While in highschool, Alex  continued to lead the pack in various ways as he was a lead guard on the basketball team, a socialite amongst his peers, as well as in his community. Alex volunteered at the local Mt. Juliet public library reading to younger children and helping others as well.

Maintaining being known around his community in sports, working, reading books, watching documentaries on future moves, designing clothes, and anything art related are all a major part of Alex’s hobbies and involvement. Sharper Visions is more than just a clothing line. “I want it to be an inspiration for people to see things the way i see them.” Ward says. “It’s the whole perception of life and the roads you travel.” Ward sought out  future aspirations to design and have his clothing line on Karmaloop.com.

The ambition and positivity showcased from Alex’s character, speaks volumes. “I just hope to change and give hope to young people like myself that you can chase your dream and achieve your dreams.” SV will live on forever.