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Nashville artist Michael McQuaid releases his new EP Glasshouse.

Glasshouse is McQuaid’s strongest work yet. The 6-track EP serves as the perfect soundtrack for a heartbroken lover. Glasshouse is a genre bender that mixes Rock and that new Alternative R&B sound. Nashville songwriting team Triple Suplex provide a moody mix of heavy 808s and whirling synths that combine to tell the story of a lover faced with the many stages of a fragile love life.


Michael McQuaid has a diverse list of influences that include everyone from the Beatles to Sam Cooke. The Texas native moved to Nashville to pursue music. He’s developed his artistry and his sound to deliver something special for listeners. While originally coming from a Pop/Rock background he has made the transition into the realm of R&B.

Glasshouse is the product of that transition and showcases McQuaid’s diversity.

Stream Glasshouse below and check out other work from Michael McQuaid on SoundCloud.




Meet Quentin Miller. The man who is allegedly Drake’s “ghost writer”.

Quentin is a part of the Atlanta duo WDNG CRSHRS with TheCoolisMac. They’ve generated a buzz from their sound that’s unlike most of the recent music coming out of Atlanta.

Back in May, the group released their self-titled EP which is available for streaming on their Soundcloud.

Miller and TheCoolisMac formed WDNG CRSHRS while attending Georgia State University together.

quentin-miller-hey-thanks-a-lot-2Quentin has a few solo projects his self, including his January release Hey! Thanks A Lot 2. He’s been working with OVO for a while and the project even features production from Boi-1da.

Miller also has some writing credits on a number of songs from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Whether or not he’s really Drake’s ghost writer is up to speculation. If anything all the buzz around his name just helped discover some new music to obsess over.



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Singer-songwriter Tony B is definitely not new to the game, but may be new to you. But with his new single, “24” he’s making his presence known.

Tony B just released his latest video to accompany the lead track off his new mixtape 22 Days due out August 25th.

“24” is a “soul”try and smooth track but as Tony B will tell you “this is not another love song.”

This is latest music from the young artist since his Highways EP last year.

Vibe out to the video below and be sure to check out more of his work on SoundCloud.


Nothing may ever touch the summer of 2013 when Kanye, J. Cole, Mac Miller, Statik Selektah (should I go on?) all dropped albums around the same time, but this summer could just be the runner-up.

Here’s a list of albums we’re looking out for this summer:

Vic Mensa – Traffic

Roc Nation’s newest artist revealed during his performance at Soundest that his upcoming album Traffic is dropping this summer. This will be the Chicago emcee’s first release since his project INNANETAPE in 2013. No word on the exact date we can expect Traffic but Vic recently revealed we can expect a new single from the project during a Tumblr Q&A.

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Frank Ocean – Boys Don’t Cry 


Frank Ocean revealed on Tumblr back in  April that he’d be releasing a new album. The upcoming project is Frank’s first release since 2012’s Channel Orange. Along with the album, Frank announced that he is launching a magazine called Boys Don’t Cry.

Kanye West – Swish

Although there’s not an official release date for Kanye’s impending new album, we couldn’t keep it off our list.

The album, formerly known as So Help Me God, may stay under wraps for a while unfortunately. In an interview wit Hot97 Kanye revealed that he’s slowly working on the album but his focus is else where. There’s also the debate of the album having a traditional release or being available exclusively through the steaming service Tidal. One thing that is clear is that time will have to tell.

Travis $cott – Rodeo


  Travis $cott recently released his first single off his “debut” album Rodeo “3500” featuring 2 Chainz and Future. There’s not an official release date for the project as of yet but producer Mike Dean hinted on Twitter that we can expect it to drop very soon.

Scott also made it known that he won’t drop the album unless Kid Cudi is on it.

Kid Cudi – Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven

But Kid Cudi is working on something himself. When he’s not starring in Entourage and other movies, Cudi is hard at work on a new project. Back in April the Cleveland rapper announced that his fifth studio album was coming ” really, really soon.”

From what Cudi’s revealed about the album so far it seems to be a personal one, and also has no features. Cudi also plans on a traditional release for the album versus a surprise drop like he did for Satellite Flight.

Drake – Views From the 6


Chances are Drake’s unexpected If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late “mixtape” is still heavy in your music library’s rotation. But fan’s are patiently awaiting the rapper’s fourth studio album.

Drake’s been working on the album for over a year, and that wait may be over. Drake recently helped Apple introduce their new streaming service Apple Music which launches June 30th. This has many hoping that the album will be released the same day.

Mick Jenkins – Wave[s]


Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins dropped the intro track for his upcoming Wave[s] EP back in May. He also revealed that we could expect the project “very soon.”

Luckily we still have his breakthrough project The Water[s] to hold us over.

Miguel – Wildheart 


It’s been almost three years since Miguel’s sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream, and now the singer is gearing up to drop his highly anticipated Wildheart.

The album is due out June 29th and Miguel just released a steamy video for the project’s lead single “Coffee.”

But if waiting until June 29th, Spotify has you covered with a playlist of 6 songs from the album.


2 days ago, L$D, the fourth preview of A$AP’s upcoming album At.Long.Last.A$AP, was leaked along with some stunning visual edits directed by Dexter Navy.  The track, itself, is completely different from anything we’ve ever heard from Flacko.  It’s obvious he’s been going back into the archives of the 60’s and 70’s, and we are not complaining.  A watery guitar riff, reminiscent of some lovely flower child daydream, plays as Flacko sings a surprisingly deep and contemplative love ballad. The song is best understood in the context of the tripped out, slowed up, fashion love story that is this music video.  Accompanied by Ambush Clothing street-style star Yoon as his love interest, the two wander around the colorfully lit city of Tokyo, viewed from the dreamlike perspective of a drugged out hippie couple.  Check out the artistry.

[ 2L’s Spotlight] Tennessee’s BLKSUNCHILD Drops “Get You Hii” + “Vice City”

Tennessee is on everyone’s radar as some of the highest quality music is pushing through various cities including Nashville, Chattanooga, and Clarksville. From the Source article, to MTV Jams relaying (via Twitter) that Tennessee had a great amount of talent, it is undeniable that there’s much more to offer than country music.

Today, we recognize Tennesse emcee BLKSUNCHILD, whom is apart of the growing “The House” collective. Blk offers a breath of fresh air as he tackles his latest two tracks “Vice City” and “Get You Hii.” Vice City, which features the soulful sounds of fellow Tennessean Kiya Lacey, offers a texturized beat and dusky verses. The creative thought pattern of Blk, much more noticed through his Instagram art, can be noticed through his approach in his music. “Get You Hii” features Clarksville gem, Case Arnold and is produced by Indie Chris. The track pushes the hip hop lyricism we enjoy from the pair. Don’t sleep on Tennessee folks.



Nashville’s own Mike Floss delivers the song everyone’s been waiting for.

“Dope Boy Dreaming” is the first track off Floss’s upcoming summer project Don’t Blame The Youth. The track is produced by fellow Nashville native Ducko McFli.

Check out the track below AND support on iTunes!

Mike Floss recently sat down with the folks from The Playlist podcast. Be sure to listen to the interview for more on Mike Floss and a little bit of what you can expect on Don’t Blame It On The Youth

[MUSIC] @Kickraux Visits Coachella, KCK FM Radio | Episode 4, Pt. 1

One of our favorite Dj/producers, Kickraux is currently taking part in the 2015 Coachella festivities. While his has been hard at work promoting his latest track “Mojito,” the Jamaican native releases his newest episode of KCK FM Radio.

Episode 4 features new music from Kickraux, as well as collaborations with Champions of Justice, The Craftsmen, and many more. Check it out below as well as a live feed from Coachella.

BONUS: Coachella Live Stream below

[MUSIC] Miloh Smith ft. OG Maco- Pretty Dirty

Atlanta’s Miloh Smith last released her Quentin Taratino inspired Pulp Fiction mixtape a little over a year ago. Today she is back with OG Maco to release her newest release, Pretty Dirty. The track features Maco crooning over a Childish Major and Matt Martians produced beat while Miloh handles the melody perfectly with her vocals.


If you’re confused by the #TidalForAll trend and new teal blue avi’s popping up on Twitter here’s what you need to know.

The internet is going crazy over the launch of a new music streaming service called Tidal. Yes, another one.

But what makes Tidal different from other services like Pandora, Spotify, and Beats Music?

Tidal is the first streaming service to offer high fidelity music as well as music videos, articles, interviews, and other content to provide users a premium music experience.

The company launched back in October but today mark’s the announcement of the company’s relaunch backed by Jay Z.

Jay Z along with other celebrities changed their twitter’s to go along with the relaunch.


The video teaser for the app features cameos from big name artists like Beyonce, Madonna, Daft Punk and Kanye.

During the press release it was announced that many of these artists also including J. Cole, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and Nicki Minaj are co-owners of the company.

This is major for the music world as it was recently reported that album sales made 1.85 billion compared to music streaming services that made 1.87 billion in 2014.

It will be interesting to see how artist involvement with the app and these numbers play out.

Taylor Swift is one of a few artists who pulled their music from Spotify due to the sales issue that comes with streaming, but has her music available on the Tidal app.

Just like any subscription based service, the app is free, but you do have to pay a monthly fee.

After a 30-day free trial Tidal is 9.99 for its premium services and 19.99 for Hi-fi.

Will you try Tidal?