Chatting w/ 2Ls Interview: Mr. Collipark + Live in Nashville, Oct. 25 for Monster Block Party


While Nashville, TN is gearing up for the annual Monster Block Party (hosted by Ultimodisco), the crew adds yet another addition to Saturday night’s lineup. In addition to DJ Snake, Bixel Boys, Blau, and Mercer, legendary Atlanta producer Mr. Collipark has been added to the festivities. If you remember, Collipark is the man behind various hits such as Yin Yang Twins’ “Whistle While You Twerk” V.I.C.’s “Wobble,” and various other party friendly tracks.

We stop and catch up with Mr. Collipark as he prepares to step back into the DJ scene Saturday night at the Monster Block Party. We also discuss what he’s got in the works, who he is listening to today, and much more.



It has been great seeing your transition into the EDM world. What was your main reason for venturing out? 

Honestly, it stemmed from a boredom of hip-hop. There is so much in hip-hop world, it’s almost as if the creative outlet dried up. Beginning in 2014, I wanted to continue to do music but needed to find something that excites me again which led to my introduction into the electronic side of music. With the Ying Yang Twins, it was just a natural progression.


Your collaboration with D!RTY AUDIO was a powerful move for the both of you. The single was even released on Dim Mak record label. How did the both of you meet and decide to work together?

A release on actually brought us all together. I was close with the Ying Yang Twins and they wanted to introduce me to EDM producers and DJs (Dirty Audio, Meaux Green, etc.) That’s how I met DirtyAudio, through the Ying Yang Twins. We collaborated and made a track: “Make it Jump.” Turns out Dirty Audio listened to my older stuff and was really into it. The record just happened from there.


And you’ve also released music on Mad Decent, Diplo’s record label?

Not released yet. The record with with Meaux Green “No Discrimination” released on Soundcloud a couple months ago, but we plan to officially release the single on Mad Decent within the next month or so. Diplo really liked the record and Meaux Green was in well with a few of the folks at the [Mad Decent] label. So it just happened like that.


Actually it’s really a funny story. I worked with Cupid (of Cupid Shuffle) on “Wobble.” Well when I decided I wanted to make a live dance record, I asked Cupid to send over chant vocals, which is how “No Discrimination” came together. DPK is the EDM name for Cupid.


What has been your favorite collaboration or beat that you’ve done so far? Who would you like to work with in the future?

I believe in staying in my own lane. I’ve collaborated with a lot of young cats, DJ Chuckie in one I’m really excited about. I like my music to reflect my roots: that booty shake energy.


The most interesting person to work with would be with Diplo. He picked up where we left off with the whole Twerk thing. His music is Twerk music for the next millennium or something. I’ve been a fan ever since I heard Diplo’s “Express Yourself.” That was brilliant.


After seeing the success behind artists like Waka Flocka who have been killing the EDM scene with their rap background and influence, do you feel more rap artists should work in the electronic field?

I have mixed feelings about that. The hip-hop scene has been (excuse my French) “whored out” too much. There’s too much exploitation without getting down to the art form and culture of it. It’s begun to revolve around the money, etc. I would like to see people who naturally gravitate towards the dance scene begin to crossover and experiment in the electronic circuit. EDM producers are excited to work with hip-hop artists. It’s not all bad, I would like to see hip-hop gravitate back to the roots of producing predominately for the music, not the money.


I’m a big fan of producers who have a great impact in various genres, specifically Atlanta’s Fki. Do you have any favorite producers right now that are coming up?

Pharrell inspired me to get back into it. To see him come from all his early success, to when he reappeared on the scene with Happy, Get Lucky with Daft Punk, and his collab with Robin Thicke, he didn’t compromise anything. Whatever he was before, that doesn’t even matter now. His music now stands alone.


Timbaland: I’m a fan of music, not who has the latest computer program. I’m a fan of what comes from the soul. Not a lot of guys make music from the soul anymore. Not from a computer.


Ying Yang Twins: You feel something when you hear them.


Diplo: It’s in his blood to make music with a certain type of energy. He’s really the only new guy that I’m a fan of right now!


I do want to note that I’m not a fan of using big names to blow up. I don’t believe in that. Once I lock down my own music, I will then look to collaborate with other artists.


What are you listening to right now?

I don’t listen to lot of other people stuff. I’m in the studio so much that all I listen to is my own stuff. With this single coming out on Dim Mak record label with Dirty Audio and Lil B – called “Shoulders”— I’ve been listening to it for three weeks straight.


You want to know what, Sam Smith! I’ve got Sam Smith bangin’ in my car right now. One thing that kills me about hip-hop, in the past we influenced genres of music. Sam Smith is so good, his songwriting is so incredible. It’s actually better to me than hip-hop. I never thought I would hear myself saying that. I don’t want to call it pop. I don’t like to categorize pop music as pop music. Popular music to me— the song, the music, the structure, are all better than hip hop right now. Sam Smith sings with more soul than all the artists played on Hot 107 here in Atlanta right now. It is what it is.


How excited are you about your return to the DJ scene being at Nashville’s  Monster Block Party alongside DJ Snake, Bixel Boys, and more?

I’m actually nervous about all of that. I haven’t DJed in front of a crowd in… I don’t want to put a number of years, but it’s been a minute! It’s a good nervous energy, though. Like starting all over again, you know? When the pressure is on you, I have no one to blame. It’ll go well because I’m excited to put my energy into the scene as a DJ in the EDM world. Everything right now is cookie cutter. A little more feeling could be put into the scene again. That’s what I aim to do.
I recently saw Diplo kill it at TomorrowWorld, I want to bring that kind of energy to Monster Block Party. His energy means something to me.


It’s great to even interview such a legendary producer, surely we can expect upcoming work from you! Any hints?

I’ve got an upcoming collab with DJ Chronic and Ying Yang Twins. Right now we’re in the stage of talking back and forth about the project. I’m trying to get DJ Chronic in Atlanta in the next couple weeks. His input is so detailed. Back in the day we used to go into studio together. Now everything handled over the internet. I’m just trying to get him in the studio so we can make it happen.


Also, I’m excited for my collab with Dirty Audio and Lil B! Lil B doesn’t really do records with people – he’s part of the Bay Area Hyphy Movement and a fan of my early music. That’s how we got this going. Our track is called “Taking It Back” which will be coming out on Dim Mak records.


I’m excited about “No Discrimination” because of the message that puts out there.


Any closing thoughts?

The thing I am the most excited about is the DJ aspect of it. And getting back in the studio making Twerk music. I DJ’ed prior to the days that I worked with Soulja Boy, even before finding the Ying Yang Twins. My history as a DJ is the foundation of my career. I’m taking it very seriously. The DJ aspect is just so exciting!




[AUDIO] Dubb- My Day

‘The stars aligned last night as we crossed the newest track from California emcee, Dubb, as well also catch news of  welcoming his first born child into the world. “My Day” is a smooth track that begins with a contemporary hip hop beat filled with horns, which was produced by B HamTrumpet Dude, and CY Fyre. To recognize and celebrate the many successes that he has recently come across, Dubb goes bar for bar reminding himself of the hard times he faced as one of many artists in the world simply trying to “make it.” Showcasing constant progression since the past project, Never Content, Dubb has continued to stay hungry, grounded, and focused. Fast-forwarding to the now ‘happenings’ of the Av8ers camp, Dubb has been welcomed into the Blood Money camp by The Game.

Be sure to look out for Dubb to appear on The Game’s upcoming “Year of the Wolf” release as well as a new project “Perfect Timing” which has no release date at the moment.  Check out “My Day” below.

[VIDEO] Villz- 420am (prod. by Mike Ewing)

Quietly creeping his way into the music scene singer/songwriter, Villz, introduces his newest video entitled “420am.” The Florida native relocated to Nashville, TN to embark on a new journey and work on new music for the masses as a part of the Gold House regime. Seemingly hitting the jackpot once he relocated, Villz formed a relationship with producer Mike Ewing and the two have been creating greatness ever since.

420am, which was produced by Ewing, is a track that showcases the vocal talents of Villz in various ways. Tethering the subtle approach of the production with his melodic vocals, Villz creates a moody track that immediately draws the ear once his voice is heard. As if the sensual track isn’t enough, Villz works with the talented TMETRVLR SAO to create a neon-lit, silhouette stemmed visual treatment that is nothing short of perfection. Villz draws the connection in the 2009 film, Enter the Void, which dipicts the life of a drug dealer amongst the bright lights and city dreams of Tokyo but takes a dramatic turn. Once you’ve seen the movie (as suggested by Villz), 420am is that much more intriguing to watch. With the support of GH87, the production of Mike Ewing, and the visual bliss from SAO, what more can one ask for? We’ll answer that with the hopes of more music and visuals to ready our audience for the crazy ride we’re all about to take with the release of Til the End of Summer.

420am has been circulating throughout the blogosphere the past few days at a rapid pace as it has already been featured on the front page of Complex Mag, Hip Hop DX, Thisis50, and YouHeardThatNew amongst other well-respected websites.

[VIDEO] @ScottyAtl- Mo Money Mo Prollem$

Southern bred Atlanta emcee, Scotty, travels to the New York streets in his newest visual for Mo Money Mo Prollem$. Scotty hits various subways, urban neighborhoods, and more throughout the video (which is a dope ass track with or without a visual attached).

[AUDIO] Terrace Martin & Kendrick Lamar- Poetic Justice (Live In NYC)

Terrace Martin and Kendrick Lamar performed “Poetic Justice” back in January of 2013 on Saturday Night Live. The live version grabbed placement on Martin’s most recent 3ChordFold Pulse LP (which dropped today) and the track sounds even better on audio stream. Check it out below and be sure to gram 3ChordFold Pulse LP.

[AUDIO] Stream Mariah Carey’s New album “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse”

On May 27, Mariah Carey‘s newest album “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse” will be available for purchase but you can now stream the album in full via iTunes Radio First Play. Mariah’s 14th album includes appearances from Nas, Wale, Miguel, and Fabolous. R. Kelly and Mary J. Blige show up on the extra tracks featured in the Deluxe edition.

From first listen, the album is a major step up from 2009′s “Memoir of an Impect Angel” which became her worst selling record. The new music was long-delayed but totally worth it. Carey is back to her grand ballads but the R&B vibe is still very alive. It is clear that she has gone all in on this album.
1. Cry
2. Faded
3. Dedicated (feat. Nas)
4. #Beautiful (feat. Miguel)
5. Thirsty
6. Make It Look Good
7. You’re Mine (Eternal)
8. You Don’t Know What To Do (feat. Wale)
9. Supernatural
10. Meteorite
11. Camouflage
12. Money (feat. Fabolous)
13. One More Try
14. Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can’t Give Up Now)
15. Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse
16. It’s a Wrap (feat. Mary J. Blige)
17. Betcha Gon’ Know (feat. R. Kelly)
18. The Art of Letting Go

[EVENT] Ledisi Takes To The Balcony in Nashville, Tn (Show Recap)

Ledisi performed at War Memorial Auditorium this past Sunday night in Nashville, TN. She is currently out on tour promoting her record, The Truth.

Singer songwriter Ledisi breaks away from her usual ballads on the newest project and speeds things up a bit. The show starts off with Ledisi, joined by two dancers, strutting her stuff to “That Good Good” (my personal favorite off of The Truth). She made it known at the beginning of the show that the majority of the songs that night would be newer material. However, she did kick it old school for a portion of the show. During “Pieces of Me”, she walked out into the crowd and sang to all of her female fans. She even made her way up the stairs because “the balcony never gets any love.” The night ended with her latest single, “I Blame you”, complete with a chair dance routine.  Bad relationships may not be ideal but Ledisi’s new record proves that good can come from the bad. There are still a few more stops left on her tour.

May 16 – Houston, TX – Bayou Music Center

May 17 – Austin, TX – ACL Live

May 21 – San Francisco, CA – Warfield Theatre

May 22 – Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia

May 23 – Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues

May 24 – San Diego, CA – San Diego Jazz Festival

May 25 – Sacramento, CA – Woodlake Inn

Download Ledisi’s record The Truth and check out her live performance of “I Blame You” on David Letterman.

[AUDIO] Danity Kane-Lemonade

Danity Kane is BACK!! The reformed girl group dropped their latest single “Lemonade” late last night. Dawn Richards “Partition” inspired intro is everything. Set to the strong beat people will be wondering “who the hell is her” after hearing this song.


The cover art for the track has people wondering why there are only 3 girls. It’s known that D.Woods is no longer a part of the group but it looks like another one may have called it quits. O’Day, Bex, and Richard have all promoted the new track but Fimbres has been a little quite.

The girls are about to head out for their #DKNOFILTERTOUR which kicks off tomorrow and travels to San Francisco, Anaheim, Chicago, Saint Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte, Boston, Silver Spring, Philadelphia, New York, and San Diego. You can grab tickets HERE.


[EVENT] Waka Flocka Flame To Perform In Nashville, May 30

Nashville picks up another show as March One Music announces that Waka Flocka Flame will be performing in Nashville, TN on May 30th at Anthem Nightclub.

Waka Flocka has been on a steady high as he has been touring with fellow music head and new found friend, Steve Aoki. The Bricksquad member is known for various singles including “O Lets Do It,” “Hard In Da Paint,” and “No Hands.” Waka Flocka has also recently joined the cast of VH1 reality show, Love & Hip Hop (Atlanta).

If you plan to attend this show, and know the venue, the smartest thing to do is to grab tickets once they go sale Friday 5/2 11:00am CT

[AUDIO] Tanya Ali ft. Ro Marquez- Multiplying Genesis

Nashville’s Tanya Ali and Ro Marquez link for a new track entitled Multiplying Genesis. While these two are newer names to the scene, they are no stranger to the booth as they both relay quality bars over a DG producced beat. The two collaborate well and come out with a pretty interesting track. We are excited to see what they each have to offer to the city. Check out Multiplying Genesis below.