NEW MUSIC: Tyga – Make It Work

Tyga drops off a new track that MIGHT be a shot at Drake.

Tyga recently sat down with Vibe and revealed his true thoughts regarding the Young Money crew, Drake in particular.

“I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me.” – Tyga to Vibe

He also shared his opinion on twitter.

Rumors are that Drake smashed Tyga’s ex Blacc Chyna which may be the reason for the beef. Drake added fuel to the fire when he liked a some of her pictures on Instagram.

Tyga spits on “Make It Work”:

Sleepin’ with the enemy, It’s like hangin’ on a rope

N*gga never was my homie, all these bitches know you’re corny n*gga.

Check the drop below. Do you think Tyga and Drake will “take it there” like he says?

Artist to Watch: Angelo Dochee

Artist Profile: Angelo Dochee
by Paloma Picassa

     I first discovered Chicago-rapper, Angelo Dochee (pronounced ‘do-shay’), about a year ago, when a close friend of mine, whose music taste I very much respect, strongly advised me to take a listen.  Of course I immediately vibed with his sound, which is reminiscent of the classic 90s beat.  It was like soul food to my ears.  However, at the time, it was obvious that he was in a casual place with his career, so I decided to track his progress, hoping he would eventually put forth all of his focus on music, which thankfully he did.  Now that he’s dedicated himself fully to his art, Angelo Dochee is a name that is starting to make waves.

Having grown up immersed in the culture, hip-hop is an element, which ever so effortlessly courses through his veins, giving him life and purpose, an aura that was evident to me during our sit-down conversation.  He and his producer/audio engineer/manager/best friend, Nate Simms, invited me to their home studio where the two were comfortable enough to discuss their past, present and future hopes for their career in the industry.

Rapping since the age of nine, Angelo has taken notes from Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, J.Cole, DMX, or as he puts it, with admiration in his voice, “good people who just out there telling they story”. Their influence is no doubt reflected in his own music. In particular, J.Cole, with jazzy/R&B-type overtones mixed with your standard hip-hop sound on some tracks, and more wavy, ethereal beats, with a hard bass, which is more reflective of today’s music, on others. In either case, the content of his rhymes, and the gentle but firm fluidity that seems to be embedded within his DNA, will grab your attention within the first few bars. Like I said, soul food to the ears.

Dochee’s debut EP, Sofas, dropping mid to late November, chronicles his own life experiences, struggles and determination to thrive above the fold.

“It just seems like everywhere I go I just end up back on a sofa, you what I mean? I’m sick of being in this situation.  Like that’s all I’m seeing, it’s like…sofas.  I’m always living out somebody else’s place.  I want my own shit, so I’ma work for it.”

This sort of work-focused mentality has proven to be a consistent theme among the rising generation.  However, beyond that, the deeper message behind Sofas is the universal phenomenon that is the human experience.  The same of which unites us all as one human race. The plight, that we all suffer, varying from person to person, is in essence the same.  Emotion is individual to the feeler, therefore by this logic, who can say whose pain is more painful, or whose joy is more joyful.  While his lyrics are personalized, Dochee believes that everyone will be able to relate to this project, in the sense that we are all out here trying to make something of ourselves, to find some level of success, fulfillment, dare I say happiness in spite of societal rules and expectations that can easily crush a young man or woman’s dream.  Dochee emphasizes that struggle is struggle; your color, background, socio-economic status, and whatever other category you can think to place someone in is irrelevant. We are united under the hub of the human experience, and this is the message Dochee wishes to share, and is one worth listening to as our society is barely beginning to break away from the opposition of unity over color.

“I think we need to try to understand each other more. Like, we all the same at the end of day, you know.  Me and Nate, we come from two different backgrounds, but we got some ways where we the same.  That’s kinda what I’m tryna put in other people’s heads.  We all go through the same emotions.  We all together at the end of the day, that’s all I’m sayin.  I’m just a shorty tryna be heard. Other people might have the same story, but they ain’t gonna tell like I tell it.”

The talent of this young artist is undeniable, and is quickly being recognized.  Fellow Chicago rapper and member of FreeNation, Mick Jenkins, is one who’s taken interest in the boy, and the two are expected to spend some time in the studio soon.

Dochee will be performing live, for the very first time, this upcoming Halloween Weekend at LSU, opening for Vic Mensa.  Told ya people are recognizing quick!

Listen to his most recent single, Silver Spoon, below, follow him on Souncloud, and be prepared to vibe..

For updates follow @Angelo_Dochee on Twitter and Instagram

NEW MUSIC: YT Triz “How Can I Lose”

YT Triz was introduced to us thanks to his single How Can I Lose which features Booby Shmurda. However, Triz isn’t necessarily a freshman in the game. Triz, repping Florida to the fullest, currently has 2 other mixtapes under his belt, Crime Hill & Product of my Environment, both were released in 2013. How Can I Lose is a single that we hope goes mainstream based off the message that is holds. Check out the video below and check out YT Triz projects, old and current, on his soundcloud.

NEW MUSIC: Drake Releases “6God” in Celebration of His Birthday

Young Drizzy has been busy lately and for his birthday this past week he decided to drop not 1 but THREE new songs for us. We’re not sure if he’s gearing up for his next album but we’ll take these jewels and wait patiently for the masterpiece. Peep the 3 singles below:

Big Krit Releases “Cadillactica,” Heads to Nashville, TN – November 14 (Ticket Giveaway)


Mississippi hip-hop emcee, Big Krit recently released his newest single “Cadillactica” as we prepare for the release of his second Def Jam album. While the album is a little under a month away from releasing, Krit has been talking more and more about the in depth perception of the upcoming piece so that his fans understand it. Krit recently talked with Rolling Stone where he discusses how Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” freestyle added fuel to his fire in the timing and patience of his album. After receiving negativity in people who never heard his music but loved Lamar’s freestyle, Krit states “I went back to my house. I went back to just recording in my room. I went back to writing as much as I could and not focusing on metaphors so much, but saying exactly what I meant to say and doing it my way.” – Rolling Stone Interview.

Krit is an artist that leaves his heart on each track. He dissects beats, writes his best verses, and seeks perfection in as the two become one. Check out Cadillactica below:

While we anticipate Krit’s #PayAttentionTour to invade Nashville, TN on November 14, We’ve got a groovy contest going on where it is beyond easy to grab a free pair of tickets to see Big Krit, Two-9, and Nashville’s Mike Floss (formerly Openmic). While there are less than 50 VIP tickets left, you may want to purchase your tickets sooner than later. Click here to purchase tickets.


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MIXTAPE: WILX- Cool Out (Download + Stream)

Nashville rapper, Wilx recently released his debut mixtape “Cool Out” and his been getting positive feedback lately. The tape features 13 tracks that showcase the diversity of the young artist’s sound. Cool Out features tracks with TerrWayne and StarGotBars. The tape also features the production of Slam as well as Yellowpage CEO. Check out the tape below.

VIDEO: Sy Ari Da Kid ft. K.Camp- Popular

After the growing success of his most recent single “Popular” featuring K.Camp, Atlanta’s Sy Ari Da Kid drops off the video. Taking it back highschool’s popular kids, nerds, and class clown, Sy Ari Da Kidd also grabs Atlanta comedian and Vine favorite DCYoungFLy for the video.Sy Ari Da Kidd will be releasing a solo project sooner than later. Check out “Popular” above.

VIDEO: Steve Aoki ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Travis Barker- Rage the Night Away (Live Performance)

A couple of days ago, EDM king Steve Aoki visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a live performance of “Rage the Night Away.” The producer/DJ brought Travis Barker and fellow tour buddy Waka Flocka Flame for the performance and created a party.

VIDEO: Sharaya J- Takin’ It No More + Shut It Down

Sharaya J returns with her newest visual for her new singles “Takin’ It No More” and “Shut It Down.” Missy Elliot’s protege has been hard at work and beginning to get quite the looks as she was featured in Faith Evans’ “I Deserve It.” Sharaya has such a happy-go-lucky persona that it bleeds through her visuals each time she releases a new video. Her latest video “Takin’ It No More” is filled with pops of color, dancing sequences, and “Shut It Down” is straight to the point with a black and white backing. Check out both videos below.

News: Nashville’s “Local Over Everything” an Eclectic Blend of Art, Music and Culture from Nashville and Middle Tennessee

Nashville, TN is only 9 days away from an event filled with music, art, and culture that appeals to the community. Local Over Everything aims to create a fun and unique event while uplifting the community . All resources raised by Local Over Everything will benefit Notes for Notes of Nashville TN, a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing youth with FREE access to studio’s called MusicBoxes. At Notes for Notes youth learn how to express themselves in a creative, inspiring, and safe recording studio environment..Our mission is to provide Notes for Notes with an alternative source of monetary donations to continue to expand their influential program throughout the Nashville area.

The event will take place at Madison venue, POP Nashville on Saturday October 11. The event will run from 7pm-10pm and feature performances from artists including Kiya Lacey, Melvin Thomas, Chico Rashad, DOUGH, and more. For tickets, click the link provided below

Purchase tickets here