[FASHION] Born Winners Spring 15′ Lookbook

Tennessee brand, Born Winners Clothing  releases their latest collection just as we jump into the Spring season. Founded in Antioch, TN in 2014,  Born Winners Clothing promotes positivity in their branding promoting the slogan “Winners Always Prosper.” Co-founder, Kevin Wheaton explains “if you have an attitude of a winner you can be anything you want to in life.”

Nashville, Tennessee based photographer, Keep Three captures the latest release which features three new pieces, each showcasing a different look at the traditional styles from the brand. The collection features a royal tee complete with the embroidered number “11” and “Forever Win.” There’s also a buffalo plaid cotton flannel available with the traditional 11 printed complete with the BW logo on the pocket. There’s also black tee featuring the BW logo in gold font as well as a grey and black tee that is coming soon to the site. Check out the gallery below. To see the full series visit the brand’s Tumblr page

Shot By @keep.3
Models @boosiechild & @versacestilts
IG: bornwinners11
Twitter bornwinners11
Tumblr (to see full series) bornwinners615.tumblr.com














[FASHION] Nike Womens Air Huarache Run “Bronzine” (Closer Look)


In 1991 Nike released the Nike Air Huarache to the masses. The sneaker combined spandex and a stretch neoprene grip fit to grasp the foot perfectly. While there have been various colorways that have released and sold out immediately, Nike has jumpstarted 2015 by presenting the women with the Bronzine Air Huarache. This coloraway features a monochromatic design polished with a bronzine finish. If you remember in May of 2014, Nike also released a platinum huarache that caught the ladies attention quickly. The Bronzine Huarache isn’t a disappointment as the white sole and stamp complete the colorway perfectly.

The Bronzine Huarache officially released in the UK on January 2nd via several web stores and instore account holders. Although the sizes went quicker than expected, we were able to get our hands on a pair. These shoes definitely do not disappoint as they are a great fit. The UK sizes may throw you off a bit, but just remember when ordering from the UK to order 2 sizes smaller than your size. The bronzine looks good in person, although just a bit darker than one who would seek a more ‘gold’ look. All in all, these shoes are definitely worth the purchase. You can check for updates from overseas account holders as well as Nike UK. Check out  a few detailed photos below. The Bronzine Huarache is said to release in the US. However, there has been no update on a release date. What’s your thoughts on the Bronzine Huarache compared to the Metallic release?

Nike WMNS Air Huarache
Color: Bronzine/Bronzine-Sail-Black
Style Code: 634835-700

LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Silent Antics Clothing

Silent Antics – No Talk, All Action
by: Paloma Picassa

We all know Nashville runs a little short when it comes to fashion, in particular, street-wear fashion. The saturation of country style, and the fact that it takes at least two- years for all of us, this side of the country, to catch up to L.A. style, are major factors in Nashville’s stunted progression in the fashion world. However, by now everyone should know not to underestimate the young talent 615 has to offer. The recent trend of blending fashion and hip-hop, paired with the spike of entrepreneurs among the millennial generation has awakened creativity among the city’s youth.  The culture has unlocked a type of talent and foundation of purpose, which otherwise may have gone unnoticed. The boys behind Silent Antics, a new street-wear company based out of Mount Juliet, are part of the pioneering few attempting to open up such a market in our own Nashville, TN.

I met with the Chase (center), Kraig(left) and Josh(right) to talk about their one-year-old project, Silent Antics. We met at a quiet marina where they often go to think. Sitting in their element, it quickly became clear that the three flow effortlessly together, feeding off each other’s energy, and enabling themselves to express ideas. Creative at heart, they receive their inspiration by observing nature, the world around them, music, the environment of which they grew up in, even basic shadows, highlights, patterns and angles, the likes of which most of us would walk right passed. It was my impression that a lot of their creative impulses, visions, and primary motivation come from the observation of the human experience. They recognize the fault in dreams lost: fear and self-doubt, both of which I could not detect within them during our conversation. Being the rebels they are, they won’t stand to be infected by the negativity, and have committed themselves to joining the movement combating such contagion. The purpose and meaning behind Silent Antics reflects a positive light on a generation of ill repute, proving that, despite adversity, humility and a solid work ethic still exist among us.

Q: “So what exactly is Silent Antics?”
A: “As far as the meaning, Silent Antics..’antics’ is a form of behavior and we just feel like the way we do things, the way we carry ourselves, the way we present
ourselves..just who we are is different than any other. We’d rather do the work
and not talk about it, just let our success speak for itself.”

“We’re kind of outcasts in the way we think, the way we do things. It’s just not
normal to other people’s actions or the thought process that they have. A lot of
people out there feel the need to talk to convince people that they’re making
moves..bout doing this or doing that, but not us. We just go do it. We know we’re foolish and kind of odd and out there. We’re unique. And you know, a lot of
people have told us that we can’t do it, that we won’t make it,
that that’s not the way life is. You got to go to college after highschool, get a 9-5
job or whatever, but that’s not us, that’s not the way we think.”

“Yeah, basically, we want to display that message through our clothes, share the
idea that anything is possible, no matter what anybody says. When people see us and see what we’re doing I hope they recognize that they don’t have to be afraid anymore. That their dreams are possible, that they are achievable, but talking about it won’t do anything. You got to do the work.”

As I mentioned earlier, they’re within their first year of building Silent Antics, meaning much of their time has been focused on branding, getting their name out there, as well as dabbling with fabrics and patterns. For their fall line, which drops later this month, the crew intends to take their talents up a level, even adding women’s apparel and accessories. They are very excited to reveal their latest designs, and you should be too. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @Silent_Antics and check out their website www.silentanticsclothing.com for the latest updates and releases.

If you’re free tonight come out to The End where the guys will be selling Silent Antics gear for 50% off, with music by DJ GB & DJ Radical and special guests: Tre Stoner, Walt James & Xae Chrizzy.


Fashion Spotlight: Rhuigi Villasenor

So Fresh And So Clean – Rhuigi Villasenor, Fashion Prodigy
by Paloma Picassa

The fusion of fashion and hip-hop has animated a new, very young generation of innovative street wear designers.  Among the top is 23 year old Rhuigi Villasenor, founder of RHUDE.  This is the guy that started the bandana trend you’ve been seeing everywhere, and he’s only just beginning.  Rhuigi has no intention of being labeled “The Bandana Kid”. His use of only the highest quality fabric, an eye for classic patterns, and emphasis on minimalism gives off an effortless look with a street-wear approach. You’ve probably seen Miguel, Kendrick Lamar, Travi$ Scott, Chris Brown and a few others sporting RHUDE gear on magazine covers and award ceremonies.  Rhuigi is still fairly new to the industry having only been on the scene for 2 years now, but this swift come-up only solidifies his spot in the center of the men’s youth fashion movement.

His most recent collection is inspired by the grunge, rock and roll musicians of the 70’s on through the 90’s. In an interview with Live Fast Mag, Rhuigi gave insight into the reasoning behind his versatile artistry, “I find that I am often inspired by “R” words, and the Ramones ties in perfectly with that idea. I’m inspired by rock and roll on the whole. It’s such a universal thing, and it’s especially influential in American history. I generally try to put together two things that you wouldn’t typically think would go hand-in-hand…I have a huge love for the hip-hop culture, but I’m not at all selective about what type of person wears my clothes. I listen to hip-hop, but I also listen to other music. My favorite musician is [Brazilian songwriter] Antônio Carlos Jobim. Your style is obviously going to be affected by the music that you listen to, but I want my clothing to be applicable to all kinds of people.”

With that vision, best believe this kid isn’t going anywhere but up.

Preview the RHUDE Fall 2014 collection here:

[VIDEO] Sneakers x Speakers Cypher | SxSR4 8.30.14, Nashville, TN

Sneakers x Speakers is an annual event that was formed to create a platform for the growing sneaker culture of Nashville, Tennessee. With the fusion of music added to the fashionable forte of sneaker collecting; DJs, music ciphers and performances were mixed with original artwork, dance and like minded individuals with similar goals and interests.

While the 4th installment of the event takes place this Saturday in Music City, the artist line up for #SXSR4 decided to build more anticipation for Nashville’s 1st Premiere Sneaker x Music Festival. The “Sneakers x Speakers” Cypher features the likes of Openmic, Star Status emcee D.H., Brown, Casino Greene, S.T.A.N., Tim Gent, and Sofa Brown. Each artist delivers over a hip hop inclined beat.

Catch them live at Sneakers x Speakers Round 4 8.30.14 The East Pavilion 1006 Fatherland St. Nashville, TN 37206 1-7 p.m. All Ages Welcome, Buy/Sell/Trade, Vendors, Giveaways, and much much More! For tickets:

[FASHION] Babylon Cartel Mach 2 Collection (Lookbook + Video)

Philadelphia, PA based brand, Babylon Cartel was developed through young and innovative designers in the summer of 2006. The brand’s vision circulates around creating social commentary in an appealing, dark but often self reflective way through wearable pieces of art. Recently, The Babylon Cartel collective dropped a total re-envisioning of its original Aztec Jersey Concept called Mach 2. The Mach 2 Collection draws inspiration from Marvel’s own Tony Stark and his famous “Iron Man” armor. “We wanted to re-design an already popular product for a current and totally new consumer while continuing to supply innovative and futuristic apparel.” says CEO Gianni Lee.

The Lookbook and Video tells the story of a lost traveler in a distant future attempting to communicate with his lost planet. The collection consists of a black Neoprene Bomber and two Re-Designed Aztec Goalkeeper Jerseys with two inches of length and improved structure in elbow padding and total fit. The same specifications used on Football ( Soccer ) Kits all over the world. The Collection will be available via Babylon Cartel’s Online Shop.

Look book Below:


[FASHION] Diamond Supply Co. x Ibn Jasper “St. Valentines Day Massacre” Sneaker Release

Today marks a pretty interesting collaboration between Los Angeles based Diamond Supply Co. and Chicago fashion head Ibn Jasper as they release their “St. Valentines Day Massacre” sneaker. The all red “Jasper” sneaker holds fabrics of leather and nylon (which doesn’t go against the upcoming spring season.

Gold accents in the zipper complete the sneaker along with thin laces and a Diamond logo finished gold plate on the tongue. The sneaker will release today via Diamond Supply’s online shop at 12PM PST and via phone order on Feature Sneaker Boutique

[FASHION] Asics Gel “Aztec Pack” (Photos)

Asics Gel Lyte III have been releasing some pretty interesting colorways recently. The Aztec Pack is another release that features an original look with proper colors that hold on to the winter look while also welcoming the spring season.

The two releases feature one pair which holds a khaki suede upper with Aztec print as well as an opposite pair that features a wine colored sneaker with Aztec print. While you’ll only find the Aztec prints on the heel and the tongue of the shoe, the designs give the releases a solid look that guarantees they won’t be up for grabs for too long. While we do not know the official release day of this pack, these pictures should give you an idea of what’s to come.

[FASHION] #EYEPISSGLITTER Launch (Online Pop-Up Shop)

The innovative mind and fashion diva in the flesh, Tatiana “Tot” Johnson, has been hard at work as she readies us for the official launch of the long-awaited HOMEWEAR line of EyePissGlitter. While Johnson is known for her passionate knowledge in music and fashion, she developed the inspiration to create EYEPISSGLITTER to push forward her love of music, fashion, and now furniture!

With a strong push from family members, Tatiana developed a passion for interior design all before her first year of college. Today she is prepared to present her HOMEWEAR line in a different way than most launches typically go, which is not a surprise.

To jumpstart her line, Johnson is taking to social media land with a digital online pop-up shop to present her new decorative pillows, furniture, and loungewear to the masses. The “Tweetshop” will take place on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on today and tomorrow. To participate, you will simply give your definition of what “EYEPISSGLITTER” means via social network along with the hashtag #EyePissGlitter.

Johnson will be giving one of her logo lounge shirt away from her loungewear collection to one lucky winner with the most creative meaning. Keep in mind, this online tweetshop is only accepting social currency, so no cash just hashtags!

“EyePissGlitter..I make furniture, I create, I have fun, and I just live life.”-Tatiana Johnson

[FASHION] Cheese Original Winter Collection | Now Available

Tennessee brand, Cheese Original releases their highly anticipated 2014 Winter Collection to the masses. This brand is a personal favorite as they stay true to their creative and unique ideas of simplicity. Cheese Original founder, Nikki “Looney” has been hard at work as she not only stands as a graphic designer, but also dabbles in photography, videography, as well as producing.

The Winter Collection features plenty of outerwear that could accent an outfit perfectly. The brand releases a satin jacket with the “Cheese Original” logo on back as well as gold accents on the front with the traditional “C” stamp. You can also get your hands on two colorways of their latest hoodie design that has the “cheese” stamp across the upper chest. The lookbook also features a letterman, crewneck, as well as new headwear that features the pom-pom beanie. You can now visit Cheese Original’s online shop and purchase while supplies last.

Read more about Cheese Original below:

Cheese Original was established in 2012. The company foundation is built by inspiring artists having their freedom opportunties to create and do what is loved. Our founder, Nikki “Looney” a Nashville native artist created “Cheese” by symbolizing “the grind” of humble visionaire as a amatuer photographer, videogrpher, graphics designer, and producer. Believing in her surroundings and helping collegues in several local projects explains the meaning of a CHEESE LIFESTYLE meaning smiling, money, and happiness.

Looney’s simple words:
“Without money, we cant bring food to the table. Without food we can’t survive. Without a smile a day, we lack happiness. I live for Cheese.”