[VIDEO] Layne Harper- Hell Ride to Heaven

Memphis raised emcee, Layne Harper, is known for his unique and impactful approach to not only his music but his visuals as well. His most recent track “Hell Ride to Heaven” gets the visual treatment and if the track alone doesn’t grab your attention the visual and its meaning will. Harper’s latest visual depics a young boy facing the lost of his mother. After running away physically and emotionally, the ‘light of the tunnel’ is introduced through Layne. Some visuals speak for the song. However, this track was very impactful to the viewers and the visuals just aided to that in every sense of the words. Great job.

Sometimes in life, we look back and relive moments from our past that were pivotal in shaping who we inevitably became. Hell Ride to Heaven is the brainchild of Layne Harper in Collaboration with DGA Award winner David Liz. They teamed up to ask the great “what if” question, “What if” you could change the past? In this riveting cinematic tale, Layne Harper tells the story of a young boy who loses his mother to a degenerative disease; but before she passes on, she gives him a toy bunny to remember her by. The loss of the young boy’s mother sends his father into a state of desperation and fear, which causes him to act out against anything that reminds him of his recently departed wife. The Father’s actions are hurtful and so the boy runs away physically and emotionally. This moment in the boy’s life is a crossroad, because of the series of events that have just taken place he will go down a path that is dark and lonely. However, Layne steps in at the boy’s moment of decision and intervenes. He takes the boy to a beautiful field at the peak of magic hour. This place is symbolic for the light at the end of the tunnel, and shows the boy that there is a better life ahead, it gives the boy hope. At the end we realize that the boy is actually Layne himself, and he was just saved by his adult self. This drama plays on the frustrations of the limitations of a child, and the desire of his adult self to be there when no one else was.

Artist: Layne Harper
Song: Hell Ride to Heaven
Producer: The Classmatez
Director: DGA award winner David Liz
Executive Producer: Jorge Pico
Actress: Nicole Thomas
Child Actor: Jaydon Harper as “Layne Harper”
Wardrobe: Express Clothing

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