[AUDIO] Dee Goodz- What’s On Your Mind (prod. by Grady)

There aren’t many artists out there who can say they have no help from a label, management, or media team and still manage to climb the ladder to the top like Dee Goodz. For a couple of years now, the Nashville emcee has been dedicated to the growth of his music. Shortly after the release of  his latest CKDO Vol. 2 project, Goodz took on NYC, hit a few shows with Mimosa, and  still managed to release new music from future projects. Today Goodz released his newest accolade as XXL’s The Break and Complex Mag briefed their audience on the ambition of this growing emcee and his newest release, What’s On Your Mind. The track was produced by Grady and it looks like it may be featured on an upcoming project. Keep watching, a star is being formed before your eyes.

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