[AUDIO] Azealia Banks- Succubi (Jim Jones Diss)

Harlem natives Jim Jones and Azealia Banks are apparently beefing these days over something as simple as slang terms. Many know that Jones has been using the term “vampire life” speaking for his hectic schedule, his mixtape, and even his clothing line. While Banks uses the term “Vamp Life” for a completely different reason, Jones took it as her biting. After going in on how she was biting his lingo, Banks has taken it to the booth.

We all know Azealia Banks has a track record for speaking her mind no matter what parties are involved, she doesnt hold her tongue for Jones. She has released a new track entitled “Succubi” where she goes in on Jones in such lyrics as “hair braided with gel” and “a man hoe come Jones on this dildo.” However, Banks gets a little more personal so you know who she speaks of by stating: “true life: stole all your chains, Max B wrote your flames, Montana road your wave.” You be the judge on this one. Banks is on a role with her essntial beefs.

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