>2L’s Spotlight: Frome2u "STYLE IS HEARD"


After being introduced to this chic, fashion-forward brand at Bullets N Mullets in Nashville, it was apparent that the Frome2u Jewelry should be a necessity to any stylish being who looks at being original. What sets this Atlanta based team aside from any other is that each product from the brand was handmade and appeals to the buyer. Grasping the symbol of “individuality” from the logo, Frome2u looks to “make things for persons, not people.” With the tagline, Style Is Heard, the company looks to showcase boldness and perfection. You would be guaranteed to stand out in any crowd with this jewelry. If you are interested in getting more familar with this brand you can follow them on Twitter and check out some of the dope pieces below! *If in Nashville,Tn, you can purchase Frome2u at BulletsNMullets located in The Gulch*

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