>"Chatting w/ 2Ls" Interview: Ashley Outrageous

Coming out of South Florida, Ashley Outrageous has become known as one of the go-to ladies in the blog industry. The “5’2 Giant” is the creator of the known hip hop oriented website AshleyOutrageous.com AO is dedicated to providing the viewers with hot new music and exclusive interviews with some of the hottest underground artists around the states. With a humble and creative spirit, she has scored interviews with Kendrick Lamar, Pac Div, and Big Sean to name a few. We recently got the chance to give you the inside scoop on this “Leading Lady” and give you the chance to step into the mind of a female blogger. Check out the interview below.

2Lsonacloud: For those who arent yet aware, give us some insight on who Ashley Outrageous is.

AO!: Well I’m a serious music head, I love hip-hop, but I like many different types of music. That quote “Music is my soul” is really me. I have my website to show people the music I enjoy and to introduce new artists. I plan live concert events and work with some artists on expanding their brand. While doing this im still a girl who loves to shop & get manicures! I also cant live without turkey sandwiches!

2Lsonacloud: As a female blogger, what influenced you to get into blogging at such a young age?

AO!: Well I was always talking about new music anyways but always had to tell people different places to go to hear what I was speaking of. So why not make my own site? I was always interested in asking artists questions, as well as putting my friends onto new artists. In highschool I was always asking my friends, “oh did you hear this?”, etc. I thought blogging was whatever at first until I tried it out on blogger & actually liked it. I started to take it seriously and I am where I am today. I know its because of the passion I have for music, hip-hop in general. Ive worked hard, I can say that much.

2Lsonacloud: You’ve interviewed VARIOUS artists that have claimed stardom in one way or another, what has been your favorite (or most memorable) interview so far?
AO!: Oh man thats a tough one haha. But I’d say Kendrick Lamar. Just because Ive been a fan of him for so long that I had to interview him before he became a mega star haha. It was also my first interview through iChat! He was super nice and I appreciated him taking time out of his studio session to speak with me.

2Lsonacloud: Aside from blogging, what would be a typical day in the life of Ashley Outrageous?

AO!: Either planning shows, marketing, & soon to be school. Ive taken a break for a while but ill be enrolling back in college soon. I also have been traveling alot lately, to expand my brand that is. I go different places to attend events and peep the scene!

2Lsonacloud: What could we catch in the ipod playlist of AO! right now?
AO!: J. Cole, Nas, Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle, Freddie Gibbs, Joe Budden.

2Lsonacloud: Who are some of your favorite artists (underground or labeled) in the rap game right now?

AO!: My favorite is J. Cole & he has been for almost 2 years now. I believe in him so much, ask anyone that knows me. I remember the first time I heard him, i just got that feeling like DAMN! this dude is dope!! Ever since, I’ve been a huge fan! He’s going to be one of the artists that makes song that could never get old. I have alot of favorites though, the list could go on. So J. Cole is my #1 :)

2Lsonacloud: You are a young lady that knows alot about hip hop music. Give us some insight on how that started, how you first began reaching out to artists in the hip hop scene and how it has impacted you as a blogger.

AO!: I got into hiphop like hardcore when I was about 14. I hung out with my friend Steven, who is like a brother to me, everyday basically! He’s a huge hiphop head! He put me onto to so much music I could go on forever. We would to call each other like oh you heard this new track? or oh you got the new album? etc.. He’s an artist himself so I was always present while him & a couple of our other friends were recording. He also had this sound system in his car that we used to bump the shit out of it! Ah, I miss those days. Since then, I knew I had to be involved with music somehow. After I got more into my blog, I reached out to artists through Twitter surprisingly and networked at events. My personality always catches peoples attention because they say Im funny, which I am lol, & when they speak to me about music, they can tell I know what Im talking about. Knowing about music and history of hiphop has been able to help me alot, as well as knowing the artists Im interviewing because I can go more in depth with them. Soon enough, artists were introducing themselves to me, as well as their managers. Forming relationships has helped alot. Ive been able to drop 2 dope ass mixtapes with all exclusives from today’s upcoming because ive built a relationship with these artists & they respect me as much as I respect them. Ive been able to do over 30 interviews & more are coming!

2Lsonacloud: What is a long term goal that you are seeking out for 2011 to accomplish for ashleyoutragous.com?

AO!: More interviews & articles. As well as my events, its a pleasure to do live shows, have you ever noticed how much more you like your favorite artist after you see them live? I love to be the one that makes that happen for fans. Seeing their faces are priceless!Im also looking into something for TV, well see. But I’d love to take my interviewing talents to your TV screen :)

2Lsonacloud: Anything else you would like the 2Lsonacloud viewers and team to know?
AO!: This is just the beginning!

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