>2L’s Spotlight-Alabama’s Own OpenBoxMusicGroup

>Alabama is known for having good music and exposing artists that have what it takes to step into the limelight and shine. From the talent of the artists to the music production team, there is no reason that Alabama should be as underestimated as it is. With that being said, we take a look at one of the hottest production teams located in Huntsville, AL. Open Box Music Group is an established production team that is new to the scene, but has hit the ground running. CEO and head producer/engineer, ATX saw the vision of sticking to a mission that consisted of bringing creativity back into music, especially in the Hip Hop & R&B Genres. With the help of A&R/ Songwriter, Sazuan Jenkins and John B. the group was destined for success. The Open Box team recently collaborated with Rafeal Andres to deliver the song “Stay.” This song was written by Mike “Xhale” Wiggins and Natosha “Caramel” Walker, both members of Open Box Music Group as well. Check out the behind the scenes video of the group and you will take notice of good music that comes natural.

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  1. Mo C. says:

    >Hot song……getting a chance to see it put together was a nice touch. Good video

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