>"Chatting W/ L’s" Interview ft. Stevie Boi


With a drastic edge to his one of a kind styles, Stevie Boy (Steven C. Strawder)started off selling his accessories via myspace and drew the interest of the hottest celebs including Eva Pigford, Lady Gaga, Trina, Tiffany Evans, and KeKe Wyatt just to name a few. The 21-year old designer designs all of his accessories and comes up with conceps on his own. One may wonder exactly how he comes up with such hot shades, but they are sure to draw attention where ever they may be worn. Take a look at our interview with Stevie Boi below. By the way, be sure to follow him on Twitter and wish him a VERY Happy 21st Birthday!

2L’s: First off, for those who are living in a box, give us a little info
about you and what you are bringing to the fashion-forward lifestyle?

SB:Well i do alot but mostly im an eyewear designer to the amazing stars(
marilyn monroe voice)

2L’s: SB Accessories is one of the hottest trends that completes any ones
outfit. Artists like Trina, Muffy, Rasheeda, and Nivea (just to name a
few) have all been photographed in SB Shades. As the founder, what was
the concept of the accessories?

SB:There usually isn’t any concepts, i just ask the celeb what materials
are their favorite and i work with limited or even to little pieces. I
love to express myself with limited items! and it always surprises the

2L’s: Do you design each accessory that we have came across on the SB
website? Or do you just present the ideas and have your team help make
the magic occur?

SB: its all StevieBoi :)


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